First Email to Customers from Sandeep Aggarwal

Dear Customer,

 I would like to introduce you, which came into being because all of us are passionate about where India is headed in terms of embracing Internet and that India’s online shoppers deserve nothing but the best.  We live, breathe, sleep, dream, and wake-up everyday keeping our customers interest on the top and how we can make online shopping experience more enjoyable for you. We believe that online shoppers in India should have same experience in online shopping as online shoppers in USA, Western Europe or Japan – where customer is king…period!!  With that philosophy and vision in mind, we present you is India’s first online Managed Marketplace that connects buyers and sellers online and offers a trusted and safe online shopping environment.  With our customer centric approach we provide the best online shopping experience to our customers – starting from the best selection, great technology, perfect fulfillment and ending with the best customer service you have ever experienced.

 Our rigorous merchant approval process ensures that our buyers can be assured on all aspects of product purchase, be it authenticity, quality or the price. Our merchants typically are successful retailers who have earned credibility and customer loyalty through years of excellence in building customer experience in the offline environment. So as a buyer you can be confident that you are buying the best from the best. ShopClues brings the best from all India together on one platform.

You may be a buyer or a seller but there is one thing in common that ShopClues promises both. Unmatched online experience no matter which side of the transaction you are. Welcome to the marketplace!

 Yours truly,


Founder & CEO

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